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Trending Shapes for Christian Wedding Invitations

A wedding is not only a union of two souls, but two families. In Christianity, a wedding is considered as the most intimate relationship gifted by God. Although weddings are created in heaven but they are worked out on earth. One of the crucial factors in arranging a perfect wedding is an alluring wedding invitation. Wedding invitations set the foremost tone and style for the big day. While choosing the perfect Christian wedding invitations for a wedding the shape of the invitation is one of the considerations. The most often used and conventional shape for a wedding invites is rectangular. But couples can add grace to their invitations by using the following shapes.

Bracket or Scallop Shape  

If you are planning a beach wedding then these wedding invitations are perfect. They have borders in the shape of brackets which gives a different look to the invitation.

Scalloped Edged Wedding Invitations

Ticket Shape

This shape has been in trend in Christian wedding invitations for a long time. These invites are in the shape of a ticket having edges with rounded-out points which gives them a casual look. They are best suited for a fun wedding.

ticket shaped invitation

Tag shape

It is mostly used shape by DIY brides for their wedding invitations. Apart from being as one of the popular Christian wedding invitations shape, it can also be used for escort card. A hole is punched at the top such that it can be hung from a display table.

tag shaped invitation

Round shape

Last but not least is the rounded wedding invitation. Round corners add charm and luxury to your invitation.  They give invitation an elegant, finished look helping to make it more memorable.

rounded wedding invitation

How to Make Your Wedding Invitations Unique

Wedding is the most memorable and delightful occasion of one’s life. Everybody wants everything should go perfect and in an uncommon way in their wedding. There are many aspects of a wedding that can be made really unforgettable such as wedding invitations. Here are some creative ideas to help you to make some beautiful wedding invitations and make your wedding truly remarkable.

handmade cards

Handmade wedding invitations

Handmade invitations have become very popular these days. You can design your own personalized stamp or get a heart shaped paper cutter. Handmade invitations are perfect when you have chosen a theme for your wedding as you can incorporate these themes, such as colors or a specific year, within the invitation. The same goes for the envelopes too. Select a perfect envelope matching your hand crafted card.

Design and motifs

Your wedding invitation must carry a design that suits your wedding theme. There should not be a mismatch such as using colorful floral patterns for a formal wedding. Use suitable motifs according to your wedding style. You can take help of graphic designers out in the market or can order pre-designed cards from any online stores.

Personalized record

One of the exclusive ideas you can incorporate is using a personalized vinyl record with your invitation details in the middle. However, the record will not actually play; it will be a beautiful memento for both you and your guests to keep. There are several companies out there which can create this sort of invitation for you. Either you can opt for those or can make yourself to save money. Cheap vintage vinyl is readily available and makes the perfect canvas for handwritten wedding details.

vinyl record invitations

Save the Date Cards in Wedding Invitation Package

Your first step in getting your guests involved in your wedding is sending them the wedding save the date card. It is an informal notice which is mailed prior to the formal wedding invitations to officially announce your wedding date before your guests. Your guests come to know that they will be invited to your wedding and hence got enough time to prepare their schedules for your big day.

save-the-date card

Why save the date cards

Since the destination wedding and three day weekends have become the trend, a save the date has become an expected courtesy. By sending your guests these cards, you can help them to make proper arrangements and traveling schedules for your wedding, in their busy life.

When to send

Generally, save the date cards should be mailed eight to nine months before your big day. If your guests are mostly local and minority traveling, then the cards should be sent six months before. However, if your wedding is less than six months away, then skip sending save the date cards and send your wedding invitations a little early.

Whom to send

Send them only to the people you really want to invite. Even if you have got confirmation from any of your guests about their presence at your wedding, still you need to send them a save the date. Make sure that once these are in the mail, there’s really no turning back so send them to those that you definitely want to attend your wedding.

What to include

A very fine detail of your wedding is included in your save the date cards. The names of bride and groom, date, location and wedding website (optional) are included in save the date. There can be a note like “Formal invitation to follow” to indicate that your wedding invitation will be sent soon.


save-the-date card