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Etiquette for Thank You Wedding Cards

Showing your gratitude or thanking your wedding guests and friends is an import part of your wedding as it shows your appreciation. Thank you cards are a great token gesture and a brilliant way of showing your appreciation for the people who have attended your wedding or bought a wedding gift for you. While there are many confusions regarding the components of thank you cards, following are some short basics of the personalized thank you wedding cards.

Thank you

Make them Handwritten

The pre-printed thank you wedding cards should be avoided. A personal thank you note is the only appropriate way to say “Thank You!”. Handwritten notes express your love and effort invested in preparing them. If you receive more than one gift from the same guest, each gift must be recognized with its own thank you card. It is not appropriate to thank them in one card. Mention the person who gave the gift and a brief detail about their part in the wedding.

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Proper addressing

While addressing in a thank you wedding card start with the word “Dear,” and follow it with their first name. If it’s someone you don’t know particularly well, use Mr. and Mrs. Last name. Never start the note with “I”.  Always use “you” more than “I” or “me” in the note. Further, write a detailed appreciation of the gift explaining what it meant to you or what you plan on doing with the gift. Later, sign it in a pleasant and friendly manner such as “Thanks again!” with your name under that. Also, do take care of your handwriting as writing a clean and clear note shows that you took the time to say “thank you.”

Send them within the time

Send your thank you wedding cards within time, i.e. within three months after the wedding. For the gifts received before the wedding, send your thank you notes 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

Using printed labels

Although when there are a large number of cards to send, printed labels can be used to save the time and to ensure accuracy in addressing the envelopes. As long as the note inside is handwritten, this is entirely appropriate.

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