Hindu wedding invitations

4 identifiers of Hindu wedding invitations

In Hindu religions, weddings are like a festival. There are a lot of ceremonies and traditions which are religious as well as entertaining. The Hindu wedding invitations mark the beginning of any Hindu marriage. The Hindu wedding cards are also called Lagnapatrika or Kankotri. These Hindu invitations focus the traditions and lavish culture of Hindu community. They are not only used to request the guest for their priceless presence, but also express the theme and mood of the wedding. There are many distinguishing features of Hindu wedding invitations which differentiate them from other type of wedding invitations. In Hindu traditions, before a new beginning, the blessings of God are taken. Consequently, to make the whole wedding and the life of the bride and groom prosperous and full of happiness, the Hindu wedding invitation cards are also decorated with various religious symbols. Besides being a decorative pattern, these symbols also hold some religious significance.


This symbol looks like the Nazi symbol. However, the Nazi symbol is a little tilted counterpart of Swastika symbol. This name Swastika is derived from the Sanskrit language and it means “May good dominate.” It is an imprint of energy and stability, and can be seen in every Hindu cultural ceremony. To bless the wedding with the positive vibes of Swastika, it is used on the Hindu wedding invitations.


Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is considered the God of knowledge and wisdom. Before starting any ceremony or on any auspicious occasion, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as he eradicates all the obstructions and misfortunes. Hence, for making the wedding ceremony a hurdle free event, the symbol of Lord Ganesha is used over the Hindu wedding invitation cards.



A Kalash is generally a water pot filled with water and at its mouth the mango leaves along with a coconut is placed. The Kalash is a symbol of the source of life. It is considered a human body, the leaves as the five senses and the water as an extract of life. Its motif is used on the Hindu wedding invitations for sanctity and good omen.



It is the most conspicuous symbol in the Hindu ceremonies. It symbolizes the holy power united in its three fundamental features- creation, preservation and destruction. It is a sacred symbol of Hindu religion and hence is printed over the Hindu wedding invitation cards to bring the ecstasy and peace in the wedding ceremony.


However, these are simply the most significant ones there are many other intriguing emblems of Hindu cards like Doli, Jaimala, etc. These eye catching artworks and motifs not only enhance the beauty of the Hindu wedding invitations, but also interpret the spiritual angle of Hindu society.