How to Make Your Wedding Invitations Unique

Wedding is the most memorable and delightful occasion of one’s life. Everybody wants everything should go perfect and in an uncommon way in their wedding. There are many aspects of a wedding that can be made really unforgettable such as wedding invitations. Here are some creative ideas to help you to make some beautiful wedding invitations and make your wedding truly remarkable.

handmade cards

Handmade wedding invitations

Handmade invitations have become very popular these days. You can design your own personalized stamp or get a heart shaped paper cutter. Handmade invitations are perfect when you have chosen a theme for your wedding as you can incorporate these themes, such as colors or a specific year, within the invitation. The same goes for the envelopes too. Select a perfect envelope matching your hand crafted card.

Design and motifs

Your wedding invitation must carry a design that suits your wedding theme. There should not be a mismatch such as using colorful floral patterns for a formal wedding. Use suitable motifs according to your wedding style. You can take help of graphic designers out in the market or can order pre-designed cards from any online stores.

Personalized record

One of the exclusive ideas you can incorporate is using a personalized vinyl record with your invitation details in the middle. However, the record will not actually play; it will be a beautiful memento for both you and your guests to keep. There are several companies out there which can create this sort of invitation for you. Either you can opt for those or can make yourself to save money. Cheap vintage vinyl is readily available and makes the perfect canvas for handwritten wedding details.

vinyl record invitations

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